Now, more than ever, is the time to buy your dream home in the South of France !

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After five years of sitting on the fence with a 'let's wait and see' attitude, now is the time to take advantage of some fantastic opportunities.

There are many factors contributing positively this spring to fulfilling your dream of a home in the South of France. Firstly, house prices are very attractive at the moment but likely to increase as the year goes on and confidence returns. Low mortgage interest rates means you can fix rates for up to 20 years, paying for your new property out of income rather than capital, however, these are likely to rise as well. Finally, the excellent exchange rate from pounds to euros will give you more euros to your pound, so you can buy more with less, but bear in mind that these could drop again during the second half of the year.

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French house prices have been falling gradually year on year throughout the country (except Paris) although less significantly in the much sought after Languedoc-Roussillon, making 2014 a very attractive time to buy.

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The UK economy is gaining confidence, and with the help of the government's deposit scheme to help first time buyers - those that generate movement at the bottom of the housing market. This cascades up the chain and has a very positive effect on the French housing market.

In tandem, the pound is very strong at the moment, getting you more euros for your pennies than has been seen in a long time and the indications are that this should hold throughout the year on average amid the usual fluctuations in either direction.

French mortgage rates are creeping up a bit but you can still fix your interest rate for 20 years under 4%, with variable options from approximately 2% or even interest only.

We are extremely optimistic on the threshold of this new year as there is no better time than now to realise your dreams and buy a house in the South of France.