France overtakes Spain to be second most popular country for foreign home owners

French vineyard

France remains in the top five most popular destinations when buying property abroad, and this year has overtaken Spain becoming the second most popular property destination in the world.

The top reasons for moving overseas (France is still the most popular place to emigrate to) is a clear demand for sunnier locations and a less stressful way of life, lower rates of crime and anti-social behaviour, lower living expenses and better conditions for bringing up a family. The majority of people looking to make a purchase in the future will be buying a holiday home. There are also those looking to buy as an investment due to the number of rental opportunities buying a property in France will bring.

There are many factors coming into play, such as an increase in confidence from UK buyers as both France and the UK economies grow out of recession and the very competitive prices in France at the moment. Short flights and easy accessibility has meant France has always been popular with Brits buying either second homes or permanent residences across the channel.

In the survey, more than 60% of property investors buying overseas said that they had received a higher return on investment than they had expected.

France's rising popularity shows that the right combination of affordability and stability, together with low mortgage rates, is giving French property investment a clear edge over many of its rivals and is key to the country's attraction to buyers.