New law regarding hands free kits in cars

hands free kits

France has long since been committed to reducing the number of deaths on their roads to less than 2000 per annum. There has been a decline year on year but an increase in 2014 has caused authorities to bring in a raft of new measures designed to:

  • Educate, prevent and train
  • Protect the most vulnerable
  • Fight tirelessly against serious offences
  • Improve the safety of vehicles and the infrastructure
  • Raise public awareness of road safety issues
  • Among 26 new measures to be introduced are:

  • From 30th June 2015, there will be a ban on making calls while driving using headphones or a Bluetooth earpiece connected to mobile phones. For the time being, only systems integrated into the vehicle will be tolerated.
  • A ban on parking within five metres of a pedestrian crossing.
  • Reduced alcohol limits for new drivers (holding a provisional license or having passed their test within less than three years).
  • New speed limits and more roadside cameras.
  • Making a call or sending a text while driving will cost you today a €135 fine and 3 points on your driving licence, whether this will be increased in the foreseeable future is unclear at the moment.