New law on homemade cooking – Look out for the logo 'fait maison'


Although France is renowned for its cuisine, it seems increasingly chefs and restaurants are cutting corners by reheating pre-prepared food, rather than cooking it from scratch.


The French government passed a new law last year to regulate the industry by bringing in a logo to signify meals are homemade or ‘fait maison’. The new logo, showing a stylised roof over a pan, can be used on menus to show that dishes have, with some exceptions, been prepared on the premises using fresh ingredients.

From January of this year it is compulsory for all menus to carry the logo if they have prepared the dish - so if you don't see it, the food is not fait maison.

French consumer minister, Carole Delga, said the measures are intended to provide simple information and a guarantee to the public, while encouraging chefs who make an effort.

Chefs can buy bread, pasta, cheese and wine, and also, more controversially, raw products that have been frozen, refrigerated, chopped, ground, smoked, or peeled - though this doesn't extend to oven chips.

Bon appétit !