Statistics show Languedoc-Roussillon is the best place to retire


As those long winter nights start drawing in, and with it the bleak weather, trudging to work on that dreary treadmill everyday makes many people turn their thoughts to retiring in sunny climes. Is it just a pipe dream or could it be a reality?

Although everybody is different and has differing expectations, one thing is for sure: a quick search on the internet for ‘the best place to retire” consistently brings up France and particularly the Languedoc-Roussillon. These surveys are often calculated on a point’s basis for weather, cost of living, healthcare, etc, arriving at a total score and ranking.

So what makes Languedoc-Roussillon so attractive?

The Languedoc-Rousillion region runs along the curve of the Mediterranean coastline and is sometimes referred to as the “the real South of France” and offers the same beauty, charm and balmy weather of its more famous Provençal neighbour but with less crowds and at an affordable price. Steeped in history, the Languedoc is just the place for those who dream of retiring to a slower pace of life in a postcard-perfect French village.

Firstly, house prices are comparatively low compared to other parts of the world and you can get more for your money. Never more so than now as house prices have fallen since 2008 on an average of 30%. The market has bottomed out and we expect prices are going to start rising. Further the exchange rates are extremely favourable. So now is the time to buy!


The Mediterranean climate means the winters are mild with an average temperature of 8.1°C and the summers are long and dry, the average temperature being 23.7°C but frequently 30ºC+. Think of all those savings on heating costs!

Although France may not be the cheapest place to retire to in the world, you can live in Languedoc-Roussillon on a very affordable budget. France is very open to retirees and offers its seniors many price reductions and special offers on things like travel, cinema, museums, theatres and touristic attractions, etc., sometimes up to 40%.

As you age, health care inevitably becomes a key consideration. The health care system in France is the best in the world, consistently ranked by the World Health Organization as a winner year after year.

Also, crime will no doubt be of concern. The crime rate overall in France is very similar to that of other European nations but violent crimes are still quite rare. Mugging is not common although it does happen occasionally in the big cities. If you are living in a rural area you will find that crime of any kind is extremely rare. Crimes against properties are more frequent than any other type of crime, however, if you take the proper security precautions such as strong locks and a burglar alarm then you should not experience any problems.

Finally, there is no chance of getting bored here with a myriad of things to do there is something for everybody. There are bustling towns and cities full of sites, historical interest and excellent shopping and restaurants, medieval towns and castles and quiet little picturesque villages. It offers a multitude of sporting activities, rest and relaxation, food and wine, history, museums and theatres, shopping and a simple walk in the unspoilt countryside or a gentle drift down the Canal du Midi watching the world silently glide by. There are miles of sandy beaches along the Mediterranean Coast to explore and a wide selection of museums, festivals, galleries and concerts. It is steeped in history with Roman structures everywhere and Cathar castles clinging to mountain edges.

But if you should fancy a change of scene, the great thing about this place is it is not too far away from anywhere else. Paris is just three hours away via high-speed train or Spain is a couple of hours drive – you can simply pop over for lunch or stay overnight in Barcelona and Gerona. Drive over to Italy for a long weekend or take a boat to Corsica. Languedoc-Roussillon now has eight international airports ready to whisk you away to wherever your heart desires.

A different life, the one that you dream of, awaits you in the sunny south of France in Languedoc-Roussillon.