Property Market On The Rise

NOW is the right moment to buy


After a long period of dropping prices, there are signs that the market is starting to look brighter. Now is the perfect time to buy before prices start increasing. There are still some excellent deals to be had. As many other prime markets are picking up and due to stock market volatility and low interest rates, buyers are again actively looking for alternative real estate markets in which to invest.

Due to more liquidity in the market, investment is returning. Interest rates in France are historically low making overseas property loans more affordable, although cash buyers remain the main emphasis.

Middle East buyers are very active, closely followed by the Americans and the British, knowing that prices have bottomed out and are now on the rise. However, foreign buyers are not the only ones to believe in bricks and mortar as the French are back on the market.


Buyers are now offered a range of properties that exceed their dreams of a few years ago. Sales increased during 2015 and if they don’t want to miss out, buyers are advised to act quickly if they have plans to relocate or purchase a holiday home.

Professionals in the property market are optimistic for 2016 and have already experienced in these first few weeks a marked increase in enquiries, visits and also sales.