How to know your labels

The myriad of labels on display at the supermarket on various products can often be more confusing than helpful. Over recent years they have multiplied to the point where it can be difficult to work out what they all mean.

Here is a summary of the most commonly used ones in France.

logo-aop Appellation d’origine protégée

This guarantees that the product and all stages of production have taken place in a certain area of Europe.
logo-igp L’indication géographique protégée

As with AOC and AOP, this guarantees the origin of the product, but with a stronger emphasis on the ‘terroir’ (characteristics such as geology, climate and geography) and a smaller area.
logo-stg Spécialité traditionnelle garantie

This label protects a traditional recipe and puts an emphasis on the way it is made or produced but not where it was produced.
logo-labelrouge Label Rouge

This guarantees a superior quality to other similar products. There are strict specifications on the conditions for breeding and production. There are nearly 500 products in France with this label, notably chicken and lamb.
logo-ab Agriculture biologique

To obtain this certificate, producers must follow strict practices respecting the environment without using pesticides and chemicals.
logo-viande Viande française
These logos assure the origins of meat products in France.
logo-orfr Origine France garantie

This logo is to promote buying ‘French’ and to defend the value of products made in France. Conditions stipulate that the product must be made in France and that 50% of its unit price must be generated in France.

Sud de France

This logo was developed by the region of Languedoc-Roussillon to promote regional products and to support local businesses.
logo-biopartenaire Biopartenaire

A label with a very ambitious vision, created by pioneers of organic produce who aim to continue to defend the values of a sustainable approach placing people at the heart of the system.
logo-biodyndemeter Demeter

This is the international logo for biodynamic agriculture. It guarantees respect for biodynamic practices in agricultural areas, as well as respect for the quality of these products during their processing. Their specifications are stricter than the European organic regulations.
logo-np Nature & Progrès

A federation of consumers and professionals committed since 1964 to agro-ecology.
logo-pavillon Pavillon France

This label confirms that the fish has been caught in France from sustainable sources by authorised boats.